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Linux for Astronomy Volumes 7,8 and 9 are now available. This is our largest collection yet. 3 cdroms full of Astronomical software pre-built for the Linux operating system (on x86 and compatible cpu).

The Linux for Astronomy project (LfA) is dedicated to compiling the most comprehensive collection of Astronomical software, and making it available for the Linux operating system. LfA provides point-and-click installation, a complete on-line library of searchable documentation, a comprehensive database of Astronomical Web sites and pages, and much more.

Now in its 8th year, LfA is in use worldwide, by both professional and amateur astronomers. The packages on LfA represent the state-of-the-art in Astronomical data processing, and are identical to the versions used on high end scientific workstations.

The combination of ever decreasing hardware prices, and the superb Linux operating system, now makes it possible to use these same packages on a "standard" personal computer. The current LfA distribution contains Linux versions of the following Astronomical data reduction and analysis packages :

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Alphabetical list of Contents :

ace The ACE external package is used to catalog objects in images and manipulate the catalogs.
aips Radio Astronomy data processing package
apmcat APMCAT gets data from the APM catalogues server.
ascfit Automatic Stellar Coordinate fitting
aspec An Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Package
AstroMD A Multi Dimensional visualization and analysis toolkit for astrophysics
audine CCD camera drivers (Audine and others)
autophot Autophot uses IRAF's digiphot daophot routines, it automates the procedure a bit.
BCR Cooperative Data Sharing library
bima-miriad Miriad is a a synthesis radio-astronomy data reduction, imaging and analysis package
cdf Common Data Format
cfitsio C library for read/write FITS format files
CHIANTI A Database for Astrophysical Emission Line Spectroscopy
cloudy Stellar Atmospheres
cmbfast A microwave anisotropy code
color IRAF Tools for Color Image Display
consky computes telescope times for sky observation projects.
cora line fitting tool designed for emission line spectra with low count numbers
cosmics Cosmological Initial Conditions and Microwave Anisotropy Codes
csenv A code for the chemistry of CircumStellar ENVelopes
ctio IRAF Tools for CTIO telescope data
ddscat DDSCAT is a FORTRAN program to calculate scattering and absorption of electromagnetic radiation by arbitrary targets
Dexter Dexter is a little java applet that is used by the ADS to let users extract data from figures on scanned images
drao Export package for processing DRAO telescope data
ds9 FITS data viewer
dusty solves the problem of radiation transport in a dusty environment
dx IBM OpenDX Data Explorer
eclipse Astronomical image processing package
eis IRAF Tools for ESO imaging survey data
eSTAR The eScience Telescopes for Astronomical Research (eSTAR) Project is a programme to build a prototype robotic telescope network
euv IRAF Tools for EUV data reduction
eye Eye stands for ``Enhance your Extraction'': a software for training SExtractor's retina
fftw Fastest Fourier Transform in the West.
finder IRAF catalog search tools
fitsutil IRAF FITS utilities
ftools FITS data processing package
funtools Funtools, is a minimal buy-in FITS library and utility package from the SAO/HEAD RDgroup.
gadget A code for collisionless and gasdynamical cosmological simulations
gax A user-friendly tool to search, sort, and report galaxy information
gccd A ccd camera control program
ggobi GGobi is a data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data
gipsy Groningen Image Processing System
gsc-north HST Guide Star Catalog - northern sky
gsc-south HST Guide Star Catalog - southern sky
gsl GNU Scientific subroutine library
guiapps IRAF GUIs
HDF The HDF software includes I/O libraries and tools for analyzing, visualizing, and converting scientific data
hipparcos process Hipparcos transit data from CD-ROM
hyperz a photometric redshift code
IBMJava2 Java VM from IBM
ifocas IRAF Tools Faint Object Classification
iraf212-redhat Image reduction and Analysis Facility (RedHat version)
iraf212-suse Image reduction and Analysis Facility (SuSE version)
iraf212 Image reduction and Analysis Facility
ISIS An optimal image subtraction package
karma Karma is a toolkit for interprocess communications, authentication, encryption, graphics display, user interface and manipulating the Karma network data structure
kojac Kojac is Optics Java Applet Classes
lfabase Linux for Astronomy baseline
lfadoc Linux for Astronomy online documentation
mem0 IRAF Maximum Entropy image restoration tools
midas European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System
mlapm a C code for cosmological simulations
mscred IRAF Tools for Mosaic image processing
mx5ccd MX5 ccd camera driver - kernel module
mxtools IRAF MX version of Quick and Dirty PHOTometry
ncarg NCAR graphics utilities and libraries
nemo NEMO is a Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
nightfall Light Curve Synthesis Program
novas Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Subroutines
openuniverse Solar system simulation
partiview partiview is an advanced 4D-visualization tool
perl-lfa A collection of perl packages for Astronomy
python-lfa Astronomically Enhanced python
s4l Mel Bartels SCOPE telescope stepper controller program
saoimage Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory image utility
scilab Scientists mathematical toolbox
sextractor Source Extractor, locates astronomical objects in images
skymaker Aprogram that simulates astronomical images.
spectrum A stellar spectral synthesis program
starbase Starbase Data Tables - An Ascii Relational Database for UNIX
starfinder Stellar field analysis
starlab A package for simulating the evolution of dense stellar systems
starplot 3D star chart
stecf IRAF Tools for reduction and analysis of Hubble Space Telescope data
stiff convert scientific FITS images to TIFF
stsdas IRAF Tools for Hubble Space Telescope data reduction
stuff SkyStuff is a program that generates artificial but realistic catalog of astronomical sources
swarp SWarp is a program that resamples and co-adds together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard.
tables IRAF Tools for processing FITS table data
tinytim HST PSF generator
velocity program to fit an orbital solution to measured radial velocity curves of spectroscopic binary stars
vol IRAF Tools for manipulating and viewing 3d or in some cases 4d volume images
wcstools display and manipulate the world coordinate system of a FITS or IRAF images
weightwatcher WeightWatcher is a program that combines weight-maps, flag-maps and polygon data
x11iraf IRAF GUIs
xccdred XCCDRED -- Experimental version of CCDRED Package
XDF Metadata tools
xephem Xephem-lite , a sampler of the interactive astronomy program
xite X based Image processing Tools and Environment
xray Multi-mission x-ray analysis software system
xsil XSIL means eXtensible Scientific Interchange Language.
xstar N-body simulator
xvarstar XVarStar is a program written for variable star observers

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