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IRAF Tools for Color Image Display

Version : 4
Author(s) : Frank Valdes (
License : AURA
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 2.18 Mb


A prototype IRAF color image display package, COLOR, is now available.
Currently this package provides conversion of 3 bandpass IRAF images to a
Sun 24-bit RGB rasterfile format, a 24-bit to 8-bit compression algorithm
and Floyd-Steinberg dithering, and an RGB 8-bit pixel dithering algorithm.
The Sun rasterfiles are displayed using non-IRAF tools and the others use
only IRAF images and SAOimage or IMTOOL. These tasks are usable with the
currently common 8-bit color workstations and are provided for those users
which don't have more capable hardware such as 24-bit workstations, IIS
displays, and 24-bit addon cards. Addtional functionality will be added to
the COLOR package in time.

The task RGBSUN takes three input IRAF images and produces a 24-bit Sun
rasterfile. Though this file type was developed by Sun Microsystems it is
a relatively simple format which may useful on other machines having
software designed to use it. The color image may be displayed with a variety
of non-IRAF tools such as XV (a very powerful and generic viewer for
X-window systems), XLOADIMAGE (another X-window display tool), SCREENLOAD
(a simple displayer on Sun computers), and SNAPSHOT (an Open-Look tool).
Also some color printers can be used with this format such as a Shinko
color printer.


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