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computes telescope times for sky observation projects.

Version : 1.0
Author(s) : Robert J. Nemiroff ( and J. Bruce Rafert (
License : Free
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 111.00 Kb

After the package is installed it can be accessed using the command




This program addresses the question of what resources are needed to produce a continuous data record of the entire sky down to a given limiting visual magnitude. Toward this end,
the program simulates a small camera/telescope or group of small camera/telescopes collecting light from a large portion of the sky. From a given stellar density derived from a Bahcall -
Soneira Galaxy model, the program first converts star densities at visual magnitudes between 5 and 20 to number of sky pixels needed to monitor each star simultaneously. From pixels, the
program converts input CCD parameters to needed telescope attributes, needed data storage space, and the length of time needed to accumulate data of photometric quality for stars of each
limiting visual magnitude over the whole sky. The program steps though photometric integrations one second at a time and includes the contribution from a bright background, read noise, dark
current, and atmospheric absorption.


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