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XSIL means eXtensible Scientific Interchange Language.

Version : 1.0
Author(s) : Roy Williams, Caltech,
License : GPL
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 9.09 Mb

The following printable documents will be installed :


XSIL means eXtensible Scientific Interchange Language.

How to run the code:

(1) First unpack the distribution, then set the environment.
-- Make sure the JAVA_HOME is correct in the and setup.bat (Windows)
or setup.source (Unix) script. This is NOT the location of the executable
"java", but the place where the /bin and /lib directories.
The "java" executable should be in $JAVA_HOME/bin/java.

-- Make sure the WEB_BROWSER location is correct in the
setup.bat (Windows) or setup.source (Unix) script.

(2) For Unix users,
% source setup.source
% samples/all.xml

(3) For Windows users, tart a command window, then run the setup,
then the batch file Xlook.bat:
c: setup
c: xlook samples\all.xml

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