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Version : 1.3
Author(s) : Doug Tody, Mike Fitzpatrick (
License : AURA
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 36.99 Mb


XGterm provides a Tek 4012 compatible graphics terminal emulation plus, for
clients in the know, a datastream driven widget server capability using the
Object Manager to provide full access to the underlying toolkit and widget
set. The remote client application downloads a GUI file to the widget
server (xgterm) which executes the GUI. While the GUI is executing it
exchanges messages with the remote client application at runtime via
interprocess communication. In the case of Xgterm, this currently uses
a serial (tty based) protocol.

XImtool is an image display server. This provides an image display
capability to remote client applications using the standard imtool/iis image
display protocol. The image display server allows a number of image frame
buffers to be created and displayed. The client can read and write data in
these frame buffers. Any frame or combination of frames can be displayed.
Various display options are provided, e.g., zoom and pan, flip about either
axis, frame blink, windowing of the display, and colortable enhancement.

XTapemon is a conventional Xt/Athena application which allows the status of
an IRAF tape job to be monitored continuously while the tape is being

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