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a photometric redshift code

Version : 1.1
Author(s) : Micol Bolzonella (, Roser Pello ( and Joan-Marc Miralles (
License : GPL
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 18.42 Mb

The following printable documents will be installed :


From a photometric catalogue, hyperz finds the redshift of each object by means of a standard SED fitting procedure, i.e. comparing the
observed magnitudes with the expected ones, computed from template Spectral Energy Distributions.

To compare the observed with the fiducial photometry, we need to handle the template spectra applying the absorption from the Lyman forest
(following Madau prescriptions), the reddening (with different implemented laws) to the redshifted SEDs (either observed or synthetic).
If required, the program compute on the real data the galactic dereddening, performed with a Seaton law and color excess EB-V selected from
the user.

he principal outputs include: the photometric redshift zphot, satisfying the minimum chi2 criterion, the error bars at 3 confidence levels, the
spectral type, age and extinction of the solution, the f(lambda) of the best fit SED, the probability associated to the minimum chi2 for each
redshift step, the probability of lying at a given redshift (useful to look for galaxy cluster members), the absolute magnitude in a given filter and
the secondary solutions.

The package also contains the program make_catalog, allowing to build simulated catalogues, very useful to test the accuracy for a given filter

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