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Version : 1
Author(s) : IRAF team
License : AURA
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 24.30 Mb


XHELP -- a GUI browser for the IRAF help system providing navigation
through the familiar CL package structure and HTML interface, a search
capability, history mechanism, and on-the-fly conversion of help documents
to HTML or PostScript.

xguiphot -- Do aperture photometry on a list of objects through
circular, elliptical, rectangular, or polygonal apertures using a GUI

Spectool -- an interactive one-dimensional spectrum display and
analysis tool. It responds to user input through cursor keys, colon
commands, mouse buttons, menus, push buttons, and other window-style
graphical user interface controls. Its major functions are to display
spectra in a graphical format, to modify them, and to perform various
analysis operations. The display capabilities provide complete control
over the graph format, convenient zoom and panning, graph and spectral
line labeling, and overplotting and stacking of multiple spectra. The
editing functions include pixel editing, arithmetic operations, smoothing
and fitting, and dispersion solutions. Analysis functions include spectral
line measures, profile fitting, radial velocity measurements, and


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