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IRAF Tools for CTIO telescope data

Version : 4
Author(s) : Frank Valdes (
License : AURA
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 9.98 Mb


ctio.amplot - Plot critical airmass versus UT
ctio.apropos - List all the tasks related with a given subject
ctio.bin2iraf - Convert binary files into IRAF images
ctio.bitstat - Perform bit statistics of image frames
ctio.chpixfile - Change pixel file name in image headers
ctio.colselect - Extract selected columns from a list.
ctio.compairmass - Compute air mass
ctio.compression.fitsread - Create an IRAF image from a compressed FITS file.
ctio.compression.fitswrite - Create a compressed FITS file from an IRAF image.
ctio.compression.imcompress - Compress IRAF image pixel file
ctio.compression.imuncompress - Uncompress IRAF image pixel files
ctio.coords - Compute celestial coordinates
ctio.cureval - Evaluate the fit computed by curfit.
ctio.dfits - display FITS file headers
ctio.eqwidths - Equivalent widths
ctio.ezimtool - Call IRAF tasks interactivelly from image cursor mode
ctio.fabry.avgvel - determine velocity by averaging pixels
ctio.fabry.findsky - determine the sky levels at each band of an image cube
ctio.fabry.fitring - compute the dispersion solution using the ring parameters
ctio.fabry.fpspec - Plot pixel value for a set of images
ctio.fabry.icntr - determine centers for a star in a set of images
ctio.fabry.icur - get image cursor coordinates
ctio.fabry.intvel - determine velocity by averaging pixels interactively
ctio.fabry.mkcube - combine a group of 2D images into an image cube
ctio.fabry.mkshift - generate a script file to shift many images to a reference image
ctio.fabry.normalize - add normalization factors to the cube image header
ctio.fabry.ringpars - determine the parameters of the calibration rings
ctio.fabry.velocity - construct velocity maps from the fabry-perot image cube
ctio.fabry.zeropt - determine the zero point in wavelength for each band in the cube
ctio.fft1d - One dimensional Fast Fourier Transform
ctio.filecalc - File calculator
ctio.findfiles - Find files
ctio.fitrad - Fit a function to circular image subrasters
ctio.fixtail - Fix last image lines or columns.
ctio.focus - Compute telescope focus
ctio.gki2cad - Convert GKI metacode files into autoCAD DXF files
ctio.gkitocad - Convert GKI metacode files into autoCAD DXF files
ctio.growthcurve - Correct magnitudes using the growth curve for them
ctio.imcreate - Create an image.
ctio.imextract - Extract a list of image sections from an image
ctio.immatch - Match one or two dimensional images
ctio.imsort - Sort images by header parameter values
ctio.imspace - determine disk space used by IRAF images.
ctio.imtest - test image headers an pixel files
ctio.iraf2bin - Convert IRAF images into binary files
ctio.irlincor - Correct IR imager frames for non-linearity.
ctio.irproc - Sky substract, transpose, and mosaic IR imager frames
ctio.lambda - Print pixel values and wavelengths
ctio.magavg - Average output from magband for a single object
ctio.magband - Compute the average magnitude for a list of bandpasses
ctio.mapkeyword - Replace image header keyword values with other values.
ctio.midut - Compute UT for midpoint of observation
ctio.mjoin - Join lines in text files by matching them
ctio.mkapropos - make the apropos database
ctio.pixselect - List pixel values within a certain range
ctio.spcombine - Combine spectra interactively
ctio.sphot - star photometry
ctio.statspec - Compute statistical error spectra from object and sky spectra.
ctio.wairmass - Compute weighted airmass


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