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convert scientific FITS images to TIFF

Version : 1.1
Author(s) : Emmanuel Bertin (
License : GPL
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 331.00 Kb


The general syntax is:

stiff [ ] [ ]
[-c ] [- ] ...

- Keyword parameters given in the command line override those from the
configuration file.
- If the list-file is given as unique argument, STIFF looks for a
default configuration file called ``default.stiff''. If no
configuration file is available, STIFF uses internal defaults.
- Providing a single FITS image will yield a bwTIFF image. Providing 3
FITS images (Red, Green and Blue) will produce a true colour TIFF
- use the -OUTFILE_NAME to specify the name of the output
TIFF file. The default is "fits.tif".
- use the -BINNING option, where n is a positive integer, to bin
the data by a factor . The default is 1.
- use the -SATUR_LEVEL [, , ] to adjust the upper
flux limit. The default is 10000.0.
- use the -SKY_GREY option, where g is a float between 0.0 and 1.0
to specify the relative sky background intensity (assumed to lie at
pixel value of 0 in the FITS data) in the output TIFF image. The
default is 0.004 (a very dark grey corresponding to 20 units in the
TIFF image).
- the -GAMMA set the gamma of the conversion. TIFF images (like
GIFs and JPEGs) are supposed to have a gamma of 2.2. Using higher
values flattens the contrast, while lower ones gives a "harder" look.
The default is 2.2.

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