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Cooperative Data Sharing library

Version : 0.7.1
Author(s) :
License : Elepar
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 1.42 Mb


Cooperative Data Sharing (CDS) is a fast, flexible, and free* API used
to write portable programs for clusters, parallel computers,
peer-to-peer, and computational grids.

o CDS can often deliver higher network bandwidth, higher memory-
based bandwidth, and lower latency to the application than message
passing interfaces

o CDS supports several programming styles (including demand-driven,
real-time, shared-memory, and message-passing) all with a single
simple API

o CDS uses the programmer's expressed intentions to help hide latency
and minimize copying AT THE SAME TIME, thus making programs more
portable beteen high-latency, low-latency, and hybrid (e.g. cluster
of SMP) environments than they would be with message-passing or
shared-memory APIs.

BCR is Elepar's newly-available C-based CDS offering, a simplified
dialect similar to that developed earlier at NASA Ames Research Center.
Free information, including some performance data and a "Principles of
Operation" white paper, is available without registration at:

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