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X based Image processing Tools and Environment

Version : 3.4
Author(s) : Svein Bøe. (
License : GPL
Website :

Disk space required for installation is 27.09 Mb

After the package is installed it can be accessed using the command



A shortcut will be installed in the KDE/GNOME desktop menu system,
as an entry in the Astronomy submenu


XITE consists of display programs with image widget and graphical user
interface as well as more than 200 command line programs and 600
subroutines for, all documented on-line. XITE uses its own image file
format (BIFF), but comes with converters between BIFF and TIFF, pnm,
sunraster, raw, MATLAB and ascii.

The command line programs and subroutine library are written in C and
run under UNIX, Windows NT and Windows 95.

The display programs run under UNIX. They work with images of
arbitrary size and pixel type on 8-bit PseudoColor and 24-bit
DirectColor and TrueColor X11 displays. Images can be zoomed and
panned, and colortables can be selected from a menu. The main display
program, xshow, gives access to most of the other command line
programs via a menu interface which the user can customize and extend
to include local programs. Input images for the menu entries can be
selected with the mouse, and output images appear on the display.

The available programs include operations such as statistics, merging,
resampling, arithmetic/logical/relational operations, rotation,
mirroring, affine transformations, convolution, filter design,
Fourier/Hartley/Haar/Hough transforms, color manipulation, histogram
transformations, global and local thresholding, binary thinning, edge
detection, morphological operations, classification, image analysis
and texture estimation.

A toolkit is supplied to simplify development of X11 based

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