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Massive collection of Astronomical Web sites/pages

A plaintext version of our WWW Astronomical database can be downloaded using the link below. The Linux for Astronomy cdrom's contain an enhanced HTML version of this database which is fully keyword indexed to the Web sites/pages.

Astronomy links collection - Unix (728Kb)

Astronomy links collection - Windows (748Kb)

Mini-Linux test system

A compact Linux distribution which can be used to quickly explore Linux, without needing to install the entire system.

DosLinux is a small Linux distribution that can be installed on a Dos/Win95/98 system, you can create a loop and or a umsdos version of the Linux system. There's no need to repartition, the small Linux system will just occupy a directory or be a file on your present Dos/Win95/98 system.

A variety of other mini-linux distributions are also available.
Please visit Freshmeat for the latest list.

Linux for Astronomy sampler - Xephem

Xephem is a very full featured star chart, orrery, and much more. Xephem is just one of the many packages included on the Linux for Astronomy cdroms (3b of packages if you install everything).

Click here to download the latest Linux version of Xephem (2333Kb).