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These files are available by anonymous ftp also. They are placed here for the usage of the Linux community.

This is a small Linux operating system that can be installed on an existing Dos system i.e. msdos, pcdos, drdos, and win95/98 in dos mode.

DosLinux is a LOOP version of Linux and uses the standard Linux ext2 filesystem.

Make sure 'doslnx79.bin' matches the size that is stated in the 'doslnx79.lsm' file before you download it.

It's best to download doslinux through ftp, you can resume an interrupted download and pick up where you left off.
ftp> reget doslnx79.bin

ftp> open
username: anonymous
password: your@email.address
ftp> cd /pub/people/kent-robotti/doslinux
ftp> binary "Set to BINARY mode."
ftp> get doslnx79.bin

If you're not sure you'll be able to boot doslinux on your system
just get 'setup.exe' and 'zimage.bin', if you can boot the small
setup linux system then get doslnx79.bin.

If you can't boot the small setup system there's no point getting doslnx79.bin.

Read DosLinux.README for a overview of the system.
Read HowTo.Install.DosLinux for installation instructions.

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Name Size Date
DosLinux.README 23Kb Mar 17 1999
doslnx79.lsm 2Kb Mar 17 1999
HowTo.Install.DosLinux 10Kb Mar 17 1999
docs.exe 24Kb Apr 11 1999
doslnx79.bin 9533Kb Mar 17 1999
setup.exe 1065Kb Apr 9 1999
zimage.bin 885Kb Mar 17 1999
update79.README Apr 15 1999
update79.tgz 73Kb Apr 20 1999

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