Experimental Deep Infrared Mosaicing Software

Version : 2.12
Author(s) : Various
License : AURA
Website : http://iraf.noao.edu

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Win32/Cygwin cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 2.26 Mb

This package requires prior installation of iraf


XDIMSUM is a package for creating accurate sky subtracted images from sets of dithered observations. While the observations need not be in the infrared, the dominance of the variable sky background in infrared data requires dithering of many short exposures and recombination with careful sky subtraction to produce deep images. Hence the package is called "Experimental Deep Infrared Mosaicing Software" or XDIMSUM.

XDIMSUM is a variant of the DIMSUM package developed by P. Eisenhardt, M. Dickensen, S.A. Stanford, and J. Ward. F. Valdes (IRAF group) modified DIMSUM to support FITS format images, added the DIMSUM tutorial demos script, wrote the original version of this document, and repackaged DIMSUM for distribution as an IRAF external package. L. Davis (IRAF group) rewrote the the major DIMSUM scripts to improve their clarity, robustness, and efficiency, added new scripts for computing relative offsets, and documented the tasks. The new package uses the same default algorithms as DIMSUM but is sufficiently different in format that it has been renamed XDIMSUM. A short summary of the major differences between XDIMSUM and DIMSUM is provided below and is duplicated in the on-line user's guide. XDIMSUM is being made available to the community as an external pacakge in the hope that some of the new features may prove useful to others. Users should direct XDIMSUM installation questions, bug reports, questions about technical details, and comments and suggestions to the the IRAF group (iraf@noao.edu) not the original authors.