IRAF Tools for manipulating and viewing 3d or in some cases 4d volume images

Version : 2.8
Author(s) : Frank Valdes (fvaldes@noao.edu)
License : AURA
Website : http://iraf.noao.edu

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Win32/Cygwin cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 1.70 Mb

This package requires prior installation of iraf



The VOLumes package is a possibly temporary collection of tasks related to manipulating and viewing 3d or in some cases 4d "volume" images, and a few other things.

IMJOIN joins sets of N-dimensional images together along a specified axis. IM3DTRAN performs 3d image transposes; if appropriate [*,-*,*] type image sections are given as input, it also accomplishes rotates. Tasks such as these may later be integrated into a standard IRAF package.

PVOL projects through volume images, casting rays onto a set of output 2d images distributed along a great circle around the volume image. When the output images are displayed or recorded onto video and played back, the volume image appears to rotate. Various translucency and opacity algorithms are employed.

I2SUN is a temporary task for converting IRAF images into Sun rasterfiles, primarily to take advantage of a Sun-specific MOVIE utility for viewing digital movies on a workstation screen; it will no longer be necessary when the IRAF image display servers can display movies.