Astronomical Catalog and Surveys Access Package

Version : 2004.02
Author(s) : Various
License : AURA
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Win32/Cygwin cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 1.64 Mb

This package requires prior installation of iraf


The astcat package is a set of tasks for extracting astrometric and photometric calibration data from remote or local catalogs and filtering the catalog data, and for extracting FITS images from remote or local surveys and regularizing the header keywords in the extracted images. There is also a task for selecting images which contain catalog objects and locating the catalog objects in the image.

The astcatx tasks are designed as a front end for the standard astrometric and photometric calibrations tasks and for use in automated pipelines where access to astrometric and photometric catalog data is often an important part of the reduction process.

Astcat is a standard part of the IRAF 2.12 release. Astcatx should only be installed if there are no immediate plans to upgrade to IRAF 2.12, or in order to pick up any post 2.12 release bugs fixes.

The current contents of the ASTCATX package are

asttest - Run basic tests on the astcat package aclist - List the supported astrometric catalogs agetcat - Extract astrometry files from astrometric catalogs afiltcat - Filter astrometry files derived from astrometric catalogs adumpcat - Catalog access debugging task

aslist - List the supported image surveys agetim - Extract FITS images from image surveys ahedit - Initialize the image wcs and set standard keywords aimfind - Select images containing catalog objects adumpim - Image survey access debugging task

aregpars - Default region parameter set acatpars - Default astrometry file format parameter set afiltpars - Default astrometry file filtering parameters aimpars - Default image data parameters awcspars - Default image wcs parameters

help ccsystems - Describe the supported celestial coordinate systems help catalogs - Describe the astrometric catalog configuration file help surveys - Describe the image surveys configuation file help afiles - Describe the standard astrometry file format