Comprehensive suite of Astronomical data reduction programs

Version : 2005
Author(s) : UK Starlink Project
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Win32/Cygwin cd 4
Disk space required for installation is 1184.38 Mb


The Starlink suite contains the following libraries and applications.

A2PS Ascii to PostScript converter ADAM The Control Subsystem AGI A graphics database system AMS The Unix ADAM Message System ARD ASCII Region Definition system provides a textual language for describing regions within a data array ARY A Subroutine Library for Accessing ARRAY Data Structures AST A Library for Handling World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy ASTROM Basic astrometry program ASURV Astronomical Survival Statistics CATREMOTE a Tool for Querying Remote Catalogues CCDPACK CCD data processing CFITSIO Disk FITS Input/Output Functions CHR Character Handling Routines COCO Conversion of Celestial Coordinates CURSA Catalogue and Table Manipulation Applications DAOPHOT Stellar Photometry Package Datacube A package which includes the IFU Data Product Cookbook DIPSO A friendly spectrum analysis program DOCFIND Starlink document index searching ECHOMOP Echelle Data Reduction Package ECHWIND UCL Echelle Spectrograph Observation Planning Program EMS Error Message Service Err Error and message reporting library ESP Extended Surface Photometry EXTRACTOR An Astronomical Source Detection Program FIGARO A general data reduction system FINDCOORDS Finding the Coordinates of a Named Object FIO Subroutine package that allows a FORTRAN programmer to access sequential and direct access data files in a machine independent manner. FITSIO Disk FITS Input/Output Subroutines FLUXES JCMT Position and Flux Density Calibration GAIA Graphical Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool GKS Graphical Kernel System GNS Graphics Workstation Name Service GRP Routines for Managing Groups of Objects GSD The Global Section Datafile (GSD) access library GWM X Graphics Window Manager HDS Hierarchical data system HDSPAR HDS Parameter Routines HDSTOOLS Tools To Display and Edit HDS Objects HDSTRACE Listing HDS Data Files HLP Interactive Help System ICL The Interactive Command Language for ADAM IFD Interface Definition Files IMG Simple Image Data Access IUEDR IUE Data Reduction package v3.2-0 JPEG The JPEG library and utilities JPL Solar System Ephemeris KAPLIBS Internal subroutines used within the KAPPA package. KAPPA Kernel Application Package MAG Access to magnetic tapes MERS (MSG and ERR) Message and Error Reporting Systems MESSGEN Starlink Facility Error Message Generation NAOS Finding NAOMI Guide Stars NBS The Noticeboard System NCAR Graphics Utilities NDF N-dimensional data format ONE Odds and Ends Library ORACDR integral field spectroscopy data reduction PAR Interface to the ADAM Parameter System PCS The Parameter and Communication Subsystems PDA Public Domain Algorithms PERIOD A Time-Series Analysis Package PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language PHOTOM A Photometry Package PISA Position Intensity and Shape Analysis POLMAP An interactive data analysis package for linear POLPACK A package of applications for reducing imaging polarimetry or spectropolarimetry data PONGO A Set of Applications for Interactive Data Plotting Version PSMERGE Encapsulated PostScript Handling Utility PSX POSIX interface routines REF Routines for Handling References to HDS Objects RV Radial Components of Observer's Velocity SAE Starlink Applications Environment special files SLALIB Positional Astronomy Library SPECX A general purpose mm and sub-mm spectral line data reduction system SPT Software Porting Tools Star2HTML Converting Starlink Documents to Hypertext STARPERL Starlink perl modules STARTCL Starlink Extensions to Tcl & Tk STARX X Library linking SURF SCUBA User Reduction Facility TRANSFORM Coordinate Transformation Facility XDISPLAY Setting remote X windows


PPARC's Review of Astronomical Software, chaired by Paul Hewett, reported to Science Committee at the end of April. The Review recommended, amongst other things, that support for core infrastructure and strategic software should continue. Science Committee declined to accept that recommendation.

One consequence of this decision is that Starlink will cease to exist at the end of June 2005, i.e. in about 6 weeks' time. The Starlink programming team will be disbanded and programmer contracts will finish at that time. The Starlink QUICK and News services will cease.

The Starlink Software Collection of 100+ applications and libraries will no longer be supported, including for example GAIA, TOPCAT, KAPPA, CCDPACK, CONVERT, SPLAT, FIGARO, PHOTOM, POLPACK and the SLALIB, AST, HDS and NDF libraries.

The Starlink collection was released under the GNU GPL prior to the end of the project.