Starlink Java Infrastructure and Applications Set

Version : 1.1
Author(s) : Starlink Project
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Mac OS X cd 4
Disk space required for installation is 54.93 Mb

This package requires Java installation


The STARJAVA package contains the following applications and classes. Note, SPLAT, TREEVIEW, JNIAST and JNIHDS have been moved to the STARJAVA package, instead of being individual packages.


FROG - Display and analysis of time series data.

SOG - Son of GAIA.

SPLAT - Spectral Analysis Tool.

TABLECOPY - Copy tables from one format to another.

TOPCAT - Tool for OPerations on Catalogues and Tables.

TREEVIEW - Hierarchical data viewer.


ARRAY - N-dimensional array manipulation and I/O.

ASTGUI - AST specific UI components.

AXIS - Third generation Apache SOAP.

COCO - Java UI for Coco.

DOM4J - Third party DOM access library (org.dom4j.*).

FITS - STARJAVA-specific FITS access.

HDS - Non-native HDS utility classes.

HDX - A flexible, extensible, data model for astronomical images, tables and other metadata.

JAIUTIL - Utility classes for JAI.

JETTY - HTTP Server and Servlet Container.

JNIAST - Java Native interface to AST.

JNIHDS - Java Native Interface to HDS.

JSKY - Java Components for Astronomy.

JUNIT - Third party unit testing framework (junit.*).

NDX - N-dimensional astronomical object manipulation and I/O.

PAL - Positional Astronomy Library.

RV - Java UI for RV.

TABLE - Generic table manipulation and I/O.

TAMFITS - Third party basic FITS access (nom.tam.*).

UTIL - Miscellaneous utillity classes.


The STARJAVA package can be considered to be independent of the standard USSC, and in future will be distributed separately. All the STARJAVA applications and classes are distributed under the GPL licence.