NCAR graphics utilities and libraries

Version : 4.4.0
Author(s) : University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Mac OS X cd 3
Disk space required for installation is 18.01 Mb


NCAR Graphics (see also mirror sites below) is thoroughly documented in:

The introductory user guide to the Ngmath library - a collection of mathematical procedures for which there are equivalent Fortran and C entries.

The NCAR Graphics GKS manual User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics

Programmer documents for some of the graphical utilities (also known as the Low Level Utilites or LLUs) - these documents are the software developers' reference notes and are provided for users who want to explore the information that developers use to maintain a utility's source code. They can also be very helpful to users and contain many examples:

Areas, A Package that Solves Certain Practical Problems in Topology
Autograph, A Package of Routines to Draw X/Y Plots
CGM, Graphcap, and Fontcap Supplement
Conpack, A Contouring Package
Dashpack, A Software Package for Drawing Dashed Lines
Ezmap, A Map-Drawing Package
Gflash, A Graphics Instruction Manipulation Package
Gridal, A Package to Draw Backgrounds for X/Y Plots
Isosurface, A Package of Routines used to Draw Isosurfaces
Labelbar, A Package of Routines to Draw Labelled Bars
Plotchar, A Character-Plotting Package
Polypack, A Package of Routines to Manipulate Polygons
SPPS, An NCAR System Plot Package Simulator
Stitle, A Package to Create Scrolled Movie Titles
Seter, A Centralized Error-Handling Package for NCAR Graphics
Softfill, A Software Fill Package
Streamlines, A Field Flow Visualization Utility
Tdpack, A Three-Dimensional Plotting Utility
Vectors, A Vector Field Plotting Utility
Wmap, A Package for Producing Daily Weather Maps and Plotting Station Model Data

The introductory user guide NCAR Graphics Fundamentals - this document contains important information for all users of NCAR Graphics: a glossary of terms, explanation of the structure of NCAR Graphics programs, strategies for learning to use NCAR Graphics, instructions for compiling, linking, and running programs, instructions for producing and editing output from NCAR Graphics programs, and guidelines for using the utilities. While it also introduces the Fortran interface to some of the traditional NCAR Graphics utilities, we recommend that you read the programmer documents (when available) instead. The programmer docs provide the most up-to-date information and the latest examples.