Celestial Mechanics and Astronomical Calculation Library

Version : 0.10.0
Author(s) : Liam Girdwood (
License : LGPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Mac OS X cd 1
Disk space required for installation is 30.78 Mb


libnova is a general purpose, double precision, celestial mechanics and astronomical calculation library.

The intended audience of libnova is C / C++ programmers, astronomers and anyone else interested in calculating positions of astronomical objects or celestial mechanics. libnova is the calculation engine used by the Nova project and most importantly, is free software. Features The current version of libnova can calculate:

* Aberration * Nutation * Apparent Position * Dynamical Time * Julian Day * Precession * Proper Motion * Sidereal Time * Solar Coordinates (using VSOP87) * Coordinate Transformations * Planetary Positions Mercury - Pluto (Mercury - Neptune using VSOP87) * Planetary Magnitude, illuminated disk and phase angle. * Lunar Position (using ELP82), phase angle. * Elliptic Motion of bodies (Asteroid + Comet positional and orbit data) * Asteroid + Comet magnitudes * Parabolic Motion of bodies (Comet positional data) * Orbit velocities and lengths * Atmospheric refraction * Rise, Set and Transit times. * Semidiameters of the Sun, Moon, Planets and asteroids. * Angular separation of bodies * Hyperbolic motion of bodies