Gui for SBIG ccd camera control

Version : 1.0
Author(s) : (kielkopf@louisville.edu)
License : GPL
Website : http://www.astro.louisville.edu/moore/software

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 1
Disk space required for installation is 369.67 Kb

After the package is installed it can be accessed using the command



A shortcut will be installed in the KDE/GNOME desktop menu system,
as an entry in the Astronomy submenu



The first release of XmCCD offers basic functions needed for camera control, but lacks an autoguiding subprogram. The user interface has been built with provisions for autoguiding, and this will be added soon.

XmCCD is intended to be used in conjunction with ds9 for image display, and XmTel for telescope control.