Wait until specified interval before sunrise

Version : 1.0
Author(s) : Daniel Risacher
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 1
Disk space required for installation is 33.56 Kb

After the package is installed it can be accessed using the command




usage: sunwait [options] [sun|civ|naut|astr] [up|down] [+/-offset] [latitude] [longitude]

latitude/longigude are expressed in floating-point degrees, with [NESW] appended example: sunwait sun up -0:15:10 38.794433N 77.069450W This example will wait until 15 minutes and 10 seconds before the sun rises in Alexandria, VA options: -p prints a summary of relevant times -z changes the printout to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) -V prints the version number -v increases verbosity -h prints this help