A package of SPP programming and debugging tools

Version : 2.12
Author(s) : Various
License : AURA
Website : http://iraf.noao.edu

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 899.21 Kb

This package requires prior installation of iraf


SPPTOOLS - A package of SPP programming and debugging tools made up of the following tasks.

chcount -- compare the number of non-white chars in a pair of files fid -- query ID database for specific files iid -- interactive query of ID database memcheck -- check SPP code for possible memory errors mkid -- make and ID database pkgcreate -- create an external package pkgrename -- rename an external package qid -- query ID database sppcalls -- print a list of SPP code calling sequences sppfmt -- indent and format a SPP program source file spplint -- a SPP program verifier