Package of NOAO miscellaneous tasks

Version : 2003.05
Author(s) : Various
License : AURA
Website : http://iraf.noao.edu

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 1.93 Mb

This package requires prior installation of iraf


This external package contains NOAO developed tasks which by themselves are too minor to form their own external package. These tasks are made available in this package prior to distribution as part of the standard IRAF core system or NOAO package. Thus the contents of this package will vary with time. The current contents of the package are:

-- Beta version tasks for creating and using pixel masks -- ccdmask - Create a pixel mask from a CCD image fixpix - Fix pixels defined by a pixel mask text2mask - Convert text description to pixel mask

-- Focusing and PSF measuring tasks -- kpnofocus - Determine the best focus from KPNO focus images psfmeasure - Measure PSF sizes from stellar images specfocus - Determine spectral focus and alignment variations starfocus - Determine direct focus variations from stellar images

-- New version with additional FWHM measurements from the V2.11 TV package -- newimexamine - IMEXAMINE with new FWHM measurements

-- New task from the V2.10.4 IMAGES package -- xregister - Register 1-D pr 2-D images using x-correlation techniques