NEMO is a Stellar Dynamics Toolbox

Version : 3.2.2
Author(s) : Peter Teuben ( Joshua Barnes, Piet Hut
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 3
Disk space required for installation is 67.68 Mb



These are the tasks currently available under to run under NEMO. They are a collection of program to do N-body calculations and some simple 2/3-D image processing, connected with the N-body calculations. If program names are preceded by a dash (-) they do not have NEMO's user interface and are sometimes not even found in NEMO's bin area on disk (usually referred to as $NEMOBIN). Program names ending on a star (*) are available under this and sometimes more wildcard names (e.g. snapplot and snapplot_ps) Program names ending in a questionmark (?) are not available yet, but we're thinking of making them. Check the futureplan software(8NEMO) document to see if anyone is working on them yet.