MTOOLS package (version 5Mar98) contains a hodge-podge of various IRAF tasks by Jeff Munn

Version : 1.0
Author(s) : Jeff Munn (
License : Free
Website : http://

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 2
Disk space required for installation is 1.49 Mb

This package requires prior installation of iraf


The MTOOLS package (version 5Mar98) contains a hodge-podge of various IRAF tasks by Jeff Munn (send bug reports to, combined together in this one package. Some of these are simply variations of other IRAF tasks. The package is comprised of the following tasks:

airchart - Plot airmass curves chart - Interactively chart 2-dimensional data defitize - Convert all FITS files in currect directory to images fitize - Convert all images in current directory to FITS files format - Format the standard input and pass it to the standard output gki2mng - Convert a GKI metacode file to MONGO input mysplot - Version of SPLOT with line identifying features pca - Principal components analysis

The tasks span a range of usefulness and robustness, from the silly (fitize, defitize) to "I couldn't do anything without it" (chart), and from the robust (chart) to the semi-robust (gki2mng). This distribution was really put together for old grad-school colleagues, who wanted copies after obtaining their freedom and flying off to greener pastures. Thus, harbor no illusions about this being a well supported, elegantly structured, bug free package. Its simply a collection of tasks which are general in nature and proved sufficiently useful at some point that they haven't been purged. Its made available here primarily because of continued interest in the tasks chart, airchart, and mysplot. Below is a short critique of the usefulness and robustness of each task:

airchart -- Very useful for planning observing runs. Robust. chart -- Very useful for maintaining and interacting with simple text file relational databases. Robust. defitize/fitize -- Mostless useless. Used primarily when transporting large numbers of FITS files, but it became much less interesting once one was able to set imhdr=HDR$, and even less interesting with the FITS kernel in v2.11. Still useful to copy directories with ".imh" files across machines with different byte ordering. Robust. format -- Outdated. New printf routines in IRAF 2.10 mostly supercede it. Semi-robust. gki2mng -- Useful. Doesn't convert everything, but enough that its easy to generate publication quality plots from IRAF plots. Semi-robust. mysplot -- Useful. Robust. Works with 2.11. pca -- Useful. Robust. Just an IRAF wrapper for Murtaugh and Heck code.