Radio Astronomy data processing package

Version : 1.6
Author(s) : Associated Universities Inc., Washington, D.C.
License : GPL
Website :

Installs from Open Source Astronomy for Linux cd 5
Disk space required for installation is 858.31 Mb


Astronomical Information Processing System C++, scripting, GUIs, libraries, toolkits and applications Designed by a team of astronomers and programmers Developed by an international consortium of observatories

A telescope requires post-processing software for calibration, editing, image formation, image enhancement, and analysis of images and other data streams. This software is an integral part of the radio telescope engineering. The Astronomical Information Processing System (AIPS++) project is designed to produce such a software product.

Although AIPS++ is primarily targeted at radio astronomy, it is anticipated that it will also be used in other branches of astronomy and for other applications in image processing and data analysis.