Astronomy resources on the Internet

Astronomical software on Linux
Linux Astronomy HOWTO
AIPS++Astronomical Information Processing System
AspecInteractive line fitti ng package for IRAF
CFITSIO FITS interface library (C)
DS9FITS image display
FFTWFast Fourier Transform library
FitsTclTcl interface to cfitsio library
FIT SUTILFITS file utilities for IRAF
FTOOLSFITS data analysis so ftware
GSCSTSCI Gu ide Star Catalogcompressed version
GIPSYGroningen image processing system
GSLGNU Scientific library
IRAFImage Reduction and Analysis Facilty< /li>
PROSX-ray astrono my data reduction for IRAF
stsdasSpace telescope science d ata analysis system
tables Table manipulation package for IRA F
LightPipesOptical sim ulation package
Midas Munich Image Data Analysis S ystem
MiriadRadio astronomy data reduction package
NEMON-body simulation package
PGPERLPerl i nterface to PGPLOT
PGPLOTMultiplatform Graphics pac kage
RA language for Statist ical Data Analysis
SAOimageImage display
SextractorAstronomical catalog generator
SkycatSky Catalog too l, image and catalog browser
Starlab Simulation of the evol ution of dense stellar systems
TIPSYN-body s imulation visualisation package
WIP Image/Graphics display and manipulati on
Xephem-Lite a taster of the full version available from here
XITEX based Image pr ocessing tools and environment