2dhfJacek Kobus , Leif Laaksonen , Dage Sundholm
ASICSThomas Vosegaard
ARTworkPer Stoltze
atomcMihaly Mezei
BabelPat Walters and Matt Stahl, Research Advisor Prof. Dan Dolata Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry Lab
Ballroom Furio Ercolessi
big_mac Thijs J.H. Vlugt and Berend Smit
BoostCast of thousands
CDAStefan Dappric, Gernot Frenking
CCSLJ.C. Matthewman and P.J. Brown with contributions from W.I.F. David, J.B. Forsyth and J.H. Matthewman.
BSM. Methfessel
chemeq G. Khaznadar
ChemtoolMartin Kroeker, Radek Liboska
ChoochGwyndaf Evans, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QH, UK. ,
CRKDr. Alex M. Clark
discusTh. Proffen and R.B. Neder,
DinoRaimund Dutzler, Joerg Stetefeld, Paola Storici, Guido Capitani, Tilman Schirmer, Dimitrios Fotiadis, Daniel Mueller, Andreas Engel, Gitay Kryger, Harry M Greenblatt, Kaspar Locher, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve, Paul Adams, Michael L. Connolly, Don Bashford, Mathew Caughron, Todd M Serulneck, Eugenio Santenelli, Domenico Bordo
dndSooHaeng Yoo
ego_viiiHelmut Heller
equiv Dr. Mauro Prencipe, Dept. Scienze Mineralogiche e Petrologiche. University of Torino
elfDr. Alex M. Clark
DRAWxtlLarry W. Finger Geophysical Laboratory, Washington, DC, and Martin Kroeker , Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Darmstadt,
fhimd96Jörg Neugebauer, Matthias Wittenberg
FhklAlain Soyer, Labatoire de MinÚralogie-Cristallographie associÚ au CNRS (URA009) UniversitÚs Paris 6 et 7 Case 115 4, Place JussieuTour 16 75252Paris Cedex 05FRANCE, the program from D.T.Cromer, the data from E.M.Gullikson and al. for the computation of f', f'' and mu/rho, subroutines from A.Rimsky for the computation of FFT
FormulaeDave Woodcock (OUC)
fungimol Tim Freeman
g3data Jonas Frantz
gdpc Jonas Frantz
gamma S.A. Smith, T.O. Levante, B.H. Meier and R.R. Ernst
geomviewTamara Munzner, Stuart Levy, and Mark Phillips are the original authors of Geomview. Celeste Fowler, Charlie Gunn, and Nathaniel Thurston also made significant contributions. Daniel Krech and Scott Wisdom did the NeXTStep and RenderMan port, and Daeron Meyer and Tim Rowley did the port to X windows. Many other Geometry Center staff members, as well as several people elsewhere, also contributed.
gibbsMihaly Mezei
gperiodicKyle R. Burton Arno W. Peters Georges Khaznadar Mauricio Rivera (, Lalo Martins (, Sven Neumann ( Koen Kooi (, Ambrogio Oliva (
grammIlyaVakser or AndreiTovchigrechko
GraphEntNicholas M. Glykos
IMC Velin Spassov,Department of Molecular Biology ,The Scripps Research Institute
intochamMihaly Mezei
jana2000Petricek,V. & Dusek,M, . Institute of Physics, Praha, Czech Republic.
JChemPaintChristop Steinbeck, Egon Willighagen, Martin Schild, Stefan Krause
kuplot Th. Proffen and R.B. Neder,
LaueX Alain Soyer
lennard Jonathan Archibald Bondzie,
LOOPP Jarek Meller and Ron Elber
maxwellMihaly Mezei
MEADDonald Bashford
mmcMihaly Mezei
MMTKKonrad HINSEN, Chuck Yeung Centre de Biophysique MolÚculaire (CNRS)
modelfreeArthur G. Palmer, III.
MOIL Ron Elber, Adrian Roitberg, Carlos Simmerling Haiying Li, Gennady Verkhivker, Robert Goldstein, Chen Keasar, Jaroslaw Meller, Debasisa Mohanty, Roberto Olender, Yael Weinbach, Veaceslav Zaloj and Baohua Wang. Other contributors that helped in testing, developing parameter sets and writing documentation: Danuta Rojewska, Chyung Choi and Alex Ulitsky. The code keeper of the present version is Veaceslav Zaloj
moldyKeith Refson
MOPAC7Dr James J.P. Stewart
moscitoDietmar Paschek and Alfons Geiger
MosViewSascha Nonn
MPQCCurtis Janssen, Ida Nielsen, Matt Leininger, Ed Seidl, Mike Colvin
NABThomas J. Macke and David A. Case
nmrviewNMRView: A computer program for the visualization and analysis of NMR data (1994) B. A. Johnson and R. A. Blevins, J. Biomolecular NMR 4:603-614.
ORAC Massimo Marchi (CEA Saclay, Paris FR) and P. Procacci (Dip. Chimica, Florence University I) .
ORTEP Carroll K. Johnson and Michael N. Burnett
PASTAJens Liermann
pdffitTh. Proffen and S.J.L. Billinge,
pepinsky Glykos, N.M. (1999), Pepinsky's Machine : an interactive, graphics-based Fourier synthesis program with applications in teaching and research., J. Appl. Crystallogr., 32, 821-823.
ppovitRobert St. Charles
PyMol Founder and Principle Author: Warren L. DeLano
    Major Authors and Contributors (1000+ lines of code): Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve (SGLite Module), Minor Authors and Contributors:, Miscellaneous Code Snippets Lifted From: Thomas Malik (fast matrix-multiply code). John E. Grayson (Author of "Python and Tkinter") Doug Hellmann (Wrote code that JEG later modified.), Open-Source "Enablers" (essential, but not directly involved): Brian Paul (Mesa), Mark Kilgard (GLUT), Guido van Rossom (Python) Linux Torvalds (Linux Kernel), Precision Insight (DRI) The XFree86 Project (Free Windowing System). VA Linux (CVS Hosting) Free Software Foundation (GNU Suite), The unknown authors of EISPACK (Linear Algebra)
RasMol Roger Sayle., Dr. Margaret Wong , Eric Martz , William McClure , Arne Mueller Herbert J. Bernstein
Scientific PythonKonrad HINSEN, Centre de Biophysique MolÚculaire (CNRS)
Raster3DOriginally written by David J. Bacon and Wayne F. Anderson. Ancillary programs by Mark Israel, Stephen Samuel, Michael Murphy, Albert Berghuis, and Ethan A Merritt. Extensions, revisions, and modifications by Ethan A Merritt.
simlocMihaly Mezei
simpson Mads Bak, ph.d.(bak@kemi.aau.dkprogrammer), Jimmy T. Rasmussen, M.S. (programmer) prof. Niels Chr. Nielsen ( professor)
SIMREF H. Ritter, J. Ihringer , J.K. Maichle and W. Prandl
simulaidMihaly Mezei
SitusWilly Wriggers, Department of Molecular Biology ,The Scripps Research Institute
SPDBVNicolas Guex, Alexandre Diemand, Torsten Schwede, Manuel C. Peitsch
SSIAM. Zweckstetter
Steric Craig Taverner
tessel2 Victor Lua~na, Departamento de Quimica Fisica y Analitica, Universidad de Oviedo, E-33007-Oviedo, Spain.
vaspviewTimothy B. Terriberry
VegaAlessandro Pedretti & Giulio Vistoli
viewmolJ÷rg-RŘdiger Hill and many others
Vis5dVis5D was written by the Visualization Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) by Bill Hibbard, Johan Kellum, and Brian Paul with the help of:Andre Battaiola of CPTEC, Sao Paulo, Brazil Dave Santek of SSEC, Marie-Francoise Voidrot-Martinez of the French Meteorology Office., Dave Kamins and Jeff Vroom of Stellar Computer, Inc. Simon Baas and Hans de Jong of the Netherlands for the HP/VOGL port Pratish Shah of Kubota Computer for the Kubota port ,Mike Stroyan of HP for the PEX support
XCombustMartin K.-H. Doll, Organisch Chemisches Institut der Universitaet Zurich
XITEITE has been developed by the Image Processing Laboratory, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.
xmakemolMatt Hodges with contributions from: Adam Oline
XMolCalcMartin K.-H. Doll, Organisch Chemisches Institut der Universitaet Zurich
xnmrUwe Seimet
XtalS. R. Hall, D. J. du Boulay, R. Olthof-Hazekamp