LfA samples

Sample screenshots

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IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility) is a large package consisting of a command line interface to hundreds of data and image processing tasks. Extensive support for scripting and user built additions. The Space Telescope Data Analysis System is an IRAF add-on.


MIDAS is another huge package similar to IRAF. The screenshot illustrates part of the packages built-in self-test script.


NEMO is a comprehensive stellar dynamics package. The screenshots show a variety of snapshots from the output of a colliding galaxy model.


PGPLOT and it's scripting extension PGPERL (written in the perl language) provide a wealth of easily accessible data plotting and visulaisation tools.


A large quantity of data is available via the internet. Using the LfA cdrom it is possible to examine it using the same tools that the professional astronomer has available. The screenshots show part of the 'Hubble Deep Field' dataset collected by the Space Telescope.