Linux Apogee Instruments camera drivers

The Random Factory is pleased to announce the latest release of our Linux drivers for the Apogee Instruments series of CCD cameras.

Four versions of the package are avilable

The following downloads are available from the project server


The archived distributions may be installed using any tar archive aware tool. For example The .tgz runtime whould be installed using the following commands
	cd /
	tar -xvzPf /path-to-archive/apogee-driver-0.5.tgz

Whichever distribution is installed, the camera driver needs to be prepared (per-user) before use. Log in with the username you will be using to operate the camera, the open an xterm and type


Prompts for the type of camera, and I/O port will appear. In the event that the .ini file for your camera is not listed, you may need to obtain the latest version from Apogee. (alternatively, examine the new .ini file format, and edit your current .ini file to conform to the same parameter names). Once the driver is setup, the GUI interface can be started using the command


An exception is the Embedded system image distribution. This needs special preparation. After unpacking the archive (in for example /nfsroot), locate the file
and edit it according the the instructions in the file. The embedded system will automatically perform the installation steps the first time the system is booted. Remember to give the embedded system permission to write to your desktop X-windows ( xhost +my-embedded-systems-name)., before booting.


The current release of the drivers have the following capabilities


V0.4 Released July 2001

New features

Bug Fixes

V0.3-2 Released January 2001

New features -

Bug fixes -

V0.3-1 Released January 2001

New features -

V0.2 - Not released

Early working version based on the now obsolete old Apogee API

V0.1 - Not released

This version was written prior to access to hardware, and was based on the now obsolete old Apogee API.